collaborative experiences

Factory Obscura is a collaborative artist collective creating immersive art experiences in Oklahoma City. Our mission is to Support, Create, and Awaken in order to bring awe and wonder to anyone who participates in our experiences.

As a Factory Obscura Artist I, along with many other artists, create experiences which immerse visitors in otherworldly environments, in order to allow for the journey of each individual participant to grow in whatever way they choose.

All of the works created are made through collective imagination, conception, and execution of a multitude of artists, designers, architects, and carpenters.

No one object solely belongs to one artist, because of this, the work becomes wholly communal and a shared experience for makers and viewers. The collaborative process is vital to the experiences created because of the ‘magic’ that happens in the creation of the work. Each experience is unique and is intended to engage the audience in the art experience as active participants.

For more information/images of the current experiences with Factory Obscura please visit:


photo credit: Justice Smithers and Evan Beasley



photo credit: Anne Sherman and Brandon Seekins